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I am busy with moving and rescheduling an appointment where I will be knocked out.

I thought I'd be able to get a post together for meme stuff while I'm doing that but my brain appears to not be cooperating. So, I'm sorry to people I owe responses to on anything more complicated than 'Thank you.' I'll get on them when I get done with the stressful part of the month. Communicating complex ideas as myself is not a thing that's happening right now.


Dec. 30th, 2014 10:09 pm
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There is a crap load of stuff I want to do and haven't been able to for the last month and a half due to a combo of technical difficulties and a health problem. On the plus side, I do not have cancer or an infection. On the downside, no one can say wtf is going on and I'm on this heavy duty anti-inflammatory that's making me feel like crap.

If there's anything anyone wants me to look at, please link it in the comments. Otherwise I may miss stuff or it might be another month before I have the spoons to go digging through people's journals. I would love to talk to everyone on my flist, if anyone is worried about imposing. IT may take me awhile to respond because of aforementioned spoon issue and because the ongoing technical difficulty makes some of my sentences read like this:

itr migrhtr ber anotrherr month beforrerrrr I haver threrrrrr spoons tor go digging trhough people's jourrrnals

And that's exhausting to edit in large amounts.


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