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Title: As I Lay Dying
Author: Vorquellyn/Haeceity
Length: 6.5K
Rating: Teen
Pairings/Characters: Denna/Richard, Richard/Kahlan, Darken/Kahlan, Darken/Denna, Darken/Klaus, Darken/Elijah, Denna/Constance, Cara/Triana, Cara/Dahlia, Cara/Leo, Chase/Emma, Michael
Warnings: lots of assault and references to non-con of the vampire compulsion and unwanted blood sharing varieties, some Rule 63 stuff
Prompt: The Vampire Diaries AU. Basically Darken is Klaus, Richard is Elijah, and Kahlan is Katerina Petrova. Darken wants to break the hybrid curse by sacrificing Kahlan's life after wooing her for weeks. The problem is, Richard is in love with her. If you want to bring in more characters you're more than welcome to. Maybe like Jennsen as Rebekah would be the obvious choice IDK. -from [livejournal.com profile] confessorlove
Summary: Episode tag to 2x22 "As I Lay Dying" more or less. Richard is Elena, Darken is Katherine, Kahlan is Stefan, and Denna is Damon

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Title: Three Boxes to Rule Them All
Author: Vorquellyn/Haeceity
Length: 700
Rating: Everyone
Pairings/Characters: Cara, Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, Darken
Warnings: No standard warnings apply
Prompt: Cara with the Power of Orden -from [livejournal.com profile] brontefanatic
Summary: Another 1x22 AU

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Title: Avengers Resemble
Author: Vorquellyn/Haeceity
Length: 2K
Rating: Teen
Pairings/Characters: Darken/Cara, Walter/Mika, Chase, Denna, Jennsen, Egremont, Richard/Kahlan
Warnings: References to mild BDSM elements, mild swearing
Prompt: Avengers AU. I want Iron Rahl. IRON RAHL. And Jennsen is either Pepper Potts, or Thor's girlfriend idk. Richard is Captain D'Hara. Denna is Red Widow, and Cara is Thor. Garen is like... Hawkeye. Egremont is Nick Fury. I don't know who the Hulk would be. Surprise me. -from [livejournal.com profile] pristineungift
Summary: LOTS/Avengers fusion humor fic focused mainly on Darken and Cara

Notes: I have the start of a longer, more serious fic in my google docs. The fic keeps misbehaving so I'm turning this in. Plus I wanted to put something in the prompt fest that isn't 100% doom and gloom. Pulls on elements of canon from 616, cinema, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and X-Men: Evolution. As well as being a fusion and including bits of stuff from the LotS character interactions.

Cheat sheet:

Richard - Captain America
Darken - Iron Man
Jennsen - Rescue
Kahlan - Diamondback
Anna - Agent Thirteen
Michael - Winter Soldier
Haden - Happy
Denna - Black Widow
Dahlia - Hawkeye
Cara - Ms. Marvel
Giller - Ant-Man
Serena - Fury*
Chase - Wolverine
Laura - X-23
Garen - Thor
Corah - Hulk
Walter- Anthem
Mika - Scarlet Witch
Malray - Quicksilver
Zedd - Dum Dum Dugan
Alana - Maria Hill
Marianna - Crimson Skull
Ulicia - Viper
Nicci - Mystique
Liliana - Loki
Verna - Agent Brand
Egremont - Jarvis

*For this fic I'm recasting Serena as CCH Pounder for reasons of awesome

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Title: Endings Are Overrated
Author: Vorquellyn/Haeceity
Length: 4.2K
Rating: Everyone
Pairings/Characters: Cara/Darken, Cara/Darken son, Richard/Kahlan daughter
Warnings: Disability (Central Auditory Processing Disorder), disability (loss of limb), mentions of suicide, hallucinations
Prompt: Set post-"Tears". Forgiveness. Future, Darken, Cara -from [livejournal.com profile] brontefanatic
Summary: 20 years after "Tears" Darken seeks Cara out

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Title: Remembrance
Author: Vorquellyn/Haeceity
Pairings/Characters: Kahlan/Darken, Richard/Kahlan
Length: 1.4K
Rating: Everyone
Warnings: References to Confessed sex, Confession, cruelty to the Confessed
Prompt: "The more I get to know you, the more I wish I didn't." -from [livejournal.com profile] hrhrionastar
Summary: Goes AU at 1x15. The road to hell is paved with self-righteousness.

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Fic: Seed

Nov. 11th, 2013 04:29 pm
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Title: Seed
Author: Vorquellyn/Haeceity
Length: 2.7K
Rating: Teen
Pairings/Characters: Jennsen Rahl, Panis Rahl, Taralyn Zorander, Darken Rahl, Zedd, Richard, Kahlan
Warnings: domestic violence
Prompt: "There is war in women too." - Blood Wedding, Jennsen -from [livejournal.com profile] pristineungift
Summary: AU where Panis took Jennsen from Taralyn

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Title: Princess of D'Hara
Author: Vorquellyn/Haeceity
Length: ~4400
Rating: Teen
Pairings/Characters: Jennsen/Denna, Darken, Egremont, Walter, Giller, Malray, Panis, Darken's mother
Warnings: None apply
Prompt: In the show, Jennsen and Richard are full siblings, and Darken is their half sibling. What if it was the other way around? Give me a Jennsen who has the same mother as Darken Rahl, and grew up as his little princess sister. Bonus points for doting!Egremont and protective!Mord'Sith -from [livejournal.com profile] pristineungift
Summary: Covers the life of Princess Jennsen from Jennsen's birth in the People's Palace to episode 1x08 "Denna"
Notes: I'm considering writing multiple choice endings for this one later

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Fic: Debt

Nov. 7th, 2013 05:32 pm
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Title: Debt
Author: Vorquellyn/Haeceity
Length: 820
Rating: Everyone
Pairings/Characters: Darken/Cara, Richard/Kahlan, Cara/Dahlia
Warnings: None apply
Prompt: Cara compares her lovers -from [livejournal.com profile] trobadora
Summary: A short introspective piece set just before "Desecration"

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Title: To Weigh So Little On The World
Author: Vorquellyn/Haeceity
Length: ~2200
Rated: Teen
Pairings/Characters: Alric Rahl, Rahl ancestor OC
Warnings: Child abuse, torture, human experimentation
Prompt:The bond between a Mord'Sith and Lord Rahl. Maybe how Mord'Sith get their Breath of Life or magic-repelling powers? -from [livejournal.com profile] hrhrionastar
Summary: Alric Rahl creates the Mord'Sith

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Title: Reliable
Author: Vorquellyn/Haeceity
Length: 660
Pairings/Characters: Darken/Garen
Warnings: references to Mord'Sith interrogation
Prompt: What Garen gives Darken that Cara and Denna can't -from [livejournal.com profile] brontefanatic
Summary:" Brief introspective piece set a few hours before Garen's first scene in "Extinction"

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