Date: 2015-04-19 07:57 am (UTC)
I think you'd like Magdalene from Stealing Magic a lot. I understand your reservations about Toby Daye but I think if you start at book 7 (which is a good entry point) you'd like the series. You might like the gods/magic system of Waterborn. Otherwise, I don't think these are your speed.

Yeah, Red as Blood was disappointing. I was hoping for something a little weird, really macabre, and subversive. It was advertised as a "what if these heroines were actually the villains." These seem to mostly be from earlier in Lee's career from before she figured out the difference between subversive and "whee! look what I can do!" The Beauty one is pretty staggering in terms of lack of informed consent and while there was a lot of suspense, it came across as largely handwaving the ickier elements with "they're better than humans, so human rules don't apply." Which I've always found odd and offputting in SFF. The point of having a different species is to have another POV. Forgiving all of their immoral behavior because of that POV just seems like cheating. Of course this Beauty is okay with this Beast calling her away from her home knowing they're predestined to be soulmates while she still thinks she's human. Why wouldn't anyone be okay with that? *shudder*

Magical rape baby is a thing I think we should leave behind. What makes it worse in these books is that they're actually really good and do several clever things. The person who starts down the path of "I am calling everything to war because if we lose, we lose every world in the multiverse" turns away from that path and there are consequences for not pursuing that. It's surprisingly friendly to poly and not in a harem way. It knocks off Tolkien without being completely obnoxious about it. And it's really lazy about the magical rape baby. About the only thing it does there that feels unusual is the biological mother doesn't raise the baby, they meet once, and she is not gentle or comforting about the decision between her and the father. Everything else about it is by the numbers. And it's frustrating in the middle of some really cool ideas.
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